Greg Fuchs, Research and Development


Mr. Fuchs has over 10 years of experience leading R&D teams with a focus on creative problem solving and verification.  He currently owns his own consulting business where he has helped develop the testing methods to create Emprimus' unique knowledge base of equipment vulnerabilities to and protections from electromagnetic events.  These events include radio frequency weapons, solar electromagnetic pulses, and nuclear electromagnetic pulse.  He also helped design the remediation and validation techniques for protecting critical electronic and bulk electric equipment against these threats.  These efforts have led to Emprimus filing for over a dozen patents worldwide.

Previously, Mr. Fuchs worked for Alliance Technology Group to develop a plant for processing municipal solid waste to recover recyclables and clean organic material for green power generation. He was responsible for the technical development of the company, including equipment design and specifications, control system design and SCADA programming, testing and R&D, process thermodynamics and optimization, the process patent, and plant start up.