George Anderson, Founder & Chairman


In addition to being the Chairman of the Board of Emprimus, George is a Director, Vice-President and Chief Engineer for Crown Iron Works Company in Minneapolis, MN, the world leader in oilseed extraction providing grain companies worldwide with a line of proprietary, large-scale industrial machines and complete processes which remove oil from oilseeds like soybeans, sunflower and Canola. Crown also provides high capacity systems to produce biodiesel fuel. George has long had the primary responsibility for the basic research, technology, concepts and design of large machinery.

how it all started.

George became aware of Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) in the mid-1970s, became more interested after his wife heard a presentation on the topic in early 2001, and assigned it a far higher priority after the September 11, 2001 attack on New York. After several years researching and verifying facts about EMP, he and several friends began planning for the establishment of Emprimus in 2008. In this process, they added research on the related electromagnetic (EM) threats of Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) and severe solar activity.

Emprimus was formed for the purpose of protecting our families and country against rapidly increasing EM risks. Accomplishing this would require substantial investment to protect our civilian infrastructure against nuclear, non-nuclear (IEMI) and solar storm caused EMPs. This, in turn, required the formation of a team of very experienced professionals from multiple industries, who incorporate security and facility design changes, implement civilian equipment and remediation testing programs, provide a range of protection solutions, enlist legislative and federal/state agency efforts, and continue to educate the public.

George graduated from Stanford University in 1969 (BSME), and was student ASME President in 1968-69.